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Market analyses and forecasts

Developing of market analyses and forecasts lies in the collection of primary and secondary information, the processing and preparation of scientific analyses and forecasts about:

  • dynamics and trends in the movement of indices of global stock exchanges (quotes, charts, comments and analyses);
  • the situation, prices and anticipated changes in the situation of international markets;
  • analyses in terms of driving forces and factors, medium and long-term perspectives and sources of risk;
  • details of the progress of various campaigns and initiatives of the state or national authorities and international organizations and the observed or anticipated impact of the state on world markets;
  • analyses of current economic and political events affecting the situation and the prices of the markets surveyed;
  • other factors, sources of risk;
  • important news.

Marketing researches

  • Marketing researches and solutions:
  • analysis of the product or service offered and the position of the company in the market of the certain product or service;
  • developing of a marketing strategy and plan with the aim of attracting as many investors, customers and partners, as possible;
  • advices and consulting on:
  • Conduct of promotions;
  • Merchandising;
  • Production of promotional materials;
  • Development of product brands;
  • Internet marketing.

Business plans preparation

The activity for the preparation of the business plans includes:

  • information about the sector, main competitors and the activity of the company;
  • brief description of the project;
  • expected results after the completion of the project;
  • marketing strategy;
  • management systems;
  • calculations of the cash flows and the return of the investment;
  • economic and financial justification for the advisability of the project based on specific indicators.

Financial consulting

Our activities related to the offer of consulting services in the field of corporate finance include:

  • consultation in case of mergers and acquisitions;
  • assistance in negotiations;
  • evaluation of enterprises, assets and properties;
  • identification of potential partners and investors;
  • assistance to raise equity and loan capital, bank financing;
  • general financial consulting.

European projects development

Our activities related to the preparation of projects for EU programs application include:

  • Preadvice and guidance about the possibilities and conditions for applying and providing information on:
    • current programs, which can be applied for;
    • conditions of application;
    • the necessary documents;
    • deadlines for application;
  • Preparation of the feasibility analysis of the project:
    • on-site visit and assessment of existing infrastructure;
    • data analysis;
    • evaluation and selection of the offers from suppliers and contractors;
    • calculation of the amount of the investment;
    • determination of estimated cash flows in years;
    • justification of the advisability of the investment.
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation, project proposal and business plan of the applicant:
    • obtaining of the necessary documents for application;
    • preparation of the application form;
    • preparation of the business plan;
    • co-ordination with the client about the completed project.

Company registration

The mediation in the registration of companies includes:

  • registration of sole traders, limited liability companies, sole limited liabilities companies and joint-stock companies;
  • registration of existing companies in the Registry Agency;
  • additional services.

Accounting services

Accounting mediation includes a diverse range of services:

  • accounting and tax consulting;
  • analyses and assessment of the current state of the enterprise;
  • subscription accounting services with optional service package;
  • VAT registration;
  • certification of the accounts certified by a registered accountant;
  • advices on the management level for the organization and appropriate alternatives for the business activity of the client.
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